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The Filosophy of Fred

Good food was not instilled in me at home. Only during my education did I learn what enjoyment is and discovered how much I love being in the kitchen. How I love to experiment. To discover new, exciting combinations. Most of it I learned while doing it.

My cooking style is based on classic French cuisine,
but I put my own twist on dishes. Recognizability is the absolute number one.
Leaving the product as it is, that’s what I love.

I get the most satisfaction from working with seafood and
all early season vegetables. I don’t follow trends. I am guided by the seasons, by the most beautiful freshest products. My kitchen is also based on acids. Citrus fruit in particular makes dishes easy to digest.’

We offer quality. I am not a commercial cook: I buy far too expensive ingredients. I have no choice: I am always looking for even better products. I want our guests to actually taste those stars.

Fred Mustert

The highlights

Discipline | Skilled | Headstrong


Restaurant Fred opens its doors in Rotterdam.


Fred gets a star in the Michelin Guide.


The second star will follow in the 2015 Michelin Guide.


Award for high-profile new interior.

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Discover the secrets of FRED

It is with great pleasure that FRED shares his recommendations for wines and champagnes. In the boutique, you will find a carefully curated assortment that allows you to bring the experience of FRED into your home. Enjoy the suggestions or give them as gifts. Your order will be packaged with care and shipped within 24 hours.